Show Flyer

29 November - 2 December 2023

Written by Neil Simon and Anton Chekhov

A clerk who is mortified when he sneezes on his boss, a governess who is cheated by her employer, a manic dentist and a terrified patient, a shy elderly couple almost but not quite ready for romance, a man assisting in the seduction of his own wife, a sailor that drowns himself for entertainment, a persistent auditionee, a frenzied claimant and a gout-ridden banker, the father who tries to help his son become a man, two veterans arguing over the best-ever lunch – held together by a writer who can’t help but interfere. All this in one play!

Incognito Theatre is pleased to welcome Theatre in the Square as a guest company for this production.


The Writer
Edwin Coutts
All other roles
Steve Chapman, Danielle Capretti, Lynn Fidler, Geoff Prutton, Naomi Smallwood, Edward Smith and Carol Wakefield