Show Flyer

24 - 30 September 2023

Written by Karin Young and directed by Ömer Warman

What chance does Lorna have of a quiet weekend when both her two daughters and her granddaughter descend on her with their own problems? She’s spent three decades working for everyone else through the miners’ strikes, local milk schemes and library closures and tomorrow she’s to have a community centre named after her – but her granddaughter thinks her WAG lifestyle is more important . . . What’s a woman to do? Accept everything that’s thrown at her, or become a fully paid‑up member of the ‘awkward squad’?

This amateur production of "The Awkward Squad" is presented with the permission of the author.


Lynn Fidler
Mary Groom
Natalie O'Sullivan
Julia Grygorenko

Creative Team

Ömer Warman
Assistant Director
Geoff Prutton
Stage Manager
Katarzyna Frycz

Production Photographs

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