Show Flyer

17 - 23 March 2024

Written by Torben Betts and directed by Spencer Clayton

Caroline Mortimer, the nation’s second-favourite TV cook, has it all - a sparkling career, a big house in Highgate, a (golf) loving husband, smart kids and the best kitchen money can buy. But beneath the immaculate furnishings, studio lighting and away from the glare of the ever-present cameras – Caroline must face the looming collision of living a private life in the public eye. What happens when the cameras turn off and the truth comes out?

This amateur production of "Caroline’s Kitchen" is presented by arrangement with Independent Talent Group Limited on behalf of Torben Betts.


Maria Casey
Clare Janew
Cass Castle
Luke Murray
Steve Milligan
Mary Groom

Creative Team

Spencer Clayton
Stage Manager
Mona Vadher
Set Design
Chris Mason
Lighting Design
Chris Mason
Costume Design
Jennie Mendé
Sound Design
Mike Mendé
Lighting and Sound Operator
Ruth Huggett

Production Photographs

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