Lady Windermere's Fan

18 - 24 November 2018

Written by Oscar Wilde directed by Spencer Clayton

Lady Windermere suspects her husband of just under two years of having an affair. After he denies her allegations, she decides to invite the woman in question to her 21st birthday party. Anger takes over and the Windermere's marriage is risked by lies and secrecy. Oscar Wilde's comedy is set in 19th century London, and pokes fun at the period's upper classes, and their moral attitudes.


Lady Windermere Chloe King
Lord Windermere Laurence O'Grady
The Duchess Of Berwick Moira Wallace
Mrs Erlynne Maria Casey
Lord Darlington Michael Reece
Parker Clare Janew
Lady Agatha Carlisle Emily Kennedy-Neal
Mr Hopper George Bayman
Lord Augustus Lorton Graham Sawtell
Mr Dumby Omer Warman
Mr Cecil Graham Peter Kenyon
Lady Plymdale Jacqui Ravenhall
Lady Stutfield Katie Dawbarn
Lady Jemburgh Diane Lefley
Mrs Cowper-Cooper Francine Ross
Music Hall Lady Dawn Doherty


Production Team

Director Spencer Clayton
Lighting / Sound Adam O’Reilly
Stage Manager Julie Kevill
Costumes Jennie Mende and Jackie Robinson
Music and Sound/Musical Director Mike Mende
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