Audition Notice

Production Details

Written byEuripides and translated by David Stuttard
DirectorJeremy Davies
Auditions Wednesday 28 February 2024 at 7.30pm
Friday 1 March 2024 at 7.30pm
If you are interested in taking part in this production but can not make the audition dates, please let the director know -
VenueThe auditions will take place at Incognito Theatre.
RehearsalsWednesday 6 March, Wednesday 13 March, Wednesday 27 March at 7.30pm (whole cast)
Saturday 9 March, Saturday 16 March, Saturday 30 (chorus only - time tba)
Production 6 April 2024. Please note that there will be two performances of the staged reading at 3.00pm and 7.30pm.
Script Edition Scripts will be made available to everyone at all readings and auditions and will be provided to those who are cast. You will not be expected to buy your own script.
SynopsisDionysus, the Ancient Greek god of wine and revelry, seeks revenge on those who do not honour him. He uses his female followers (the bacchae) in a tale of divine retribution, focussed on the king of Thebes, his cousin Pentheus.

Cast Details

This prodcution will take the form of a staged reading. The cast consists of 3-6 males, 5-8 females. A minimum of 8, maximum of 14 actors. If necessary the roles of Teiresias and Solider can be doubled up, as also Cadmus and Messenger. The chorus performs as a unit as well as individually, with energy and a good sense of rhythm. The choruses are accompanied with backing music (No singing required!) Extra chorus rehearsals have been included on Saturdays. Although playing ages are provided, these are of less importance than character development. Actors are not expected to learn their lines, but nevertheless be very familiar with them. Auditions to be overseen by a trustee and non-member.

Audition pieces are available on request by sending an email to the director -

Note - there is no prior reading of this tragedy.

Character Description Playing Age
Dionysus God of wine, drama and ecstasy. Male/female 20-50
Teiresias Blind prophet. Male 65-90
Cadmus Retired ruler of Thebes. Male 65-90
Pentheus King of Thebes. Male 30-50
Soldier Member of Pentheus’ army. Male 18-90
Messenger Slave in Pentheus’ household. Male/female 18-90
Agave Pentheus’ mother. Female 65-90
Chorus Female worshippers of Dionysus. 3-5 females 18-90