Audition Notice - Night Must Fall

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Production Details

Title Night Must Fall
Written By Emlyn Williams
Director Spencer Clayton
Auditions Monday 2nd October 2017 at 8pm
Saturday 7th October 2017 at 2pm
Venue The auditions will take place at Incognito Theatre. There is no reading.
Rehearsals 7.45pm Tuesday, 7.45 pm. Thursday and Sunday. Sunday rehearsals will normally be at 6.30pm – 9.30pm although some will start earlier and be longer. There will also be some Monday rehearsals (rehearsal schedule available on request).
The rehearsal period falls over the Christmas/New Year period; this is why other rehearsals have been extended/added.
Production Sunday 21st January 2018 - Sunday 27th January 2018. Sunday performance start at 6:00pm, all weekday performances start at 8.00pm, Saturday performances start at 3:00pm and 8:00pm.
Script Edition

Samuel French Edition. Actors successfully cast will be expected to purchase their own edition.

Synopsis The play is set in 1935. Dan, a bell hop who arrives at the Bramson bungalow, has already murdered one woman and there is little doubt that he will soon murder another: the aged Mrs. Bramson herself. He skilfully insinuates himself into her affections while attempting to seduce her suspicious niece Olivia from exposing his diabolical intentions. And though she professes loathing, Olivia is attracted and fascinated by Dan. Fatally.

Cast Details

The main parts are in bold

Character Description Playing Age
MRS BRAMSON around 55
OLIVIA GRAYNE Her niece by marriage. 25 – 35
NURSE LIBBY Her nurse. 25 – 40
HUBERT LAURIE Suitor to Olivia. 30 – 45
MRS TERENCE Mrs Bramson's cook. 45 – 60
DORA PARKOE Her maid. 20s
INSPECTOR BELSIZE CID inspector from Scotland Yard. 50s
DAN Bad man. 20s or early 30s
LORD CHIEF JUSTICE This is an elderly male; it is one speech at the beginning of the play - the intention is to cast a different number of actors to play over different nights (dependent on number of interested actors e.g. if 4 actors successfully audition, they will appear on 2 performances each). Elderly.

Audition Pieces

Here are the suggested audition scenes. All page references are from the Samuel French Edition.

Characters Pages
DAN 84-85
DORA 11-12

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