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15 - 21 May 2016

Written by Polly Teale directed by Sonja Taylor

In 1845, Branwell Bronte returns home in disgrace, plagued by his addictions. As he descends into alcoholism and insanity, bringing chaos to the household, his sisters write. Polly Teale's extraordinary play evokes the real and imagined worlds of the Brontes, as their fictional characters come to haunt their creators.



Charlotte Bronte Caroline Knell
Emily Bronte Daniela Mansi
Ann Bronte Clare Gaba
Bertha/Cathy Jenna Johnson
Patrick Bronte Andrew Baker
Branwell Bronte Adam Griffin


Production Team

Director Sonja Taylor
Stage Manager Brian Moran
Assistant Stage Manager Julie Kevill
Set Design John Savage
Lighting Design Chris Mason
Costumes Carol Belston and Carol McKee

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