Night Must Fall

21st January - 27th January 2018

Written by Emlyn Williams, directed by Spencer Clayton

Night Must Fall FlyerDan, a bell hop who arrives at the Bramson bungalow, has already murdered one woman and there is little doubt that he will soon murder another: the aged Mrs. Bramson herself. He skillfully insinuates himself into her affections while attempting to seduce her suspicious niece Olivia from exposing his diabolical intentions. And though she professes loathing, Olivia is attracted and fascinated by Dan. Fatally.



Lord Chief JusticeMike Mende
Mrs. BramsomMargaret Johnson
Olivia GrayneAni Walker-Nolan
Hubert LaurieMichael Reece
Nurse LibbyFrancine Ross
Mrs. TerenceMaria Casey
Dora ParkoeMary Groom
Inspector BelsizeDavid Middleton
DanJamie Barker


Production Team

DirectorSpencer Clayton
Assistant DirectorĂ–mer Warman
Stage ManagerNaomi Rosenberg
Set DesignChris Mason
Lighting & SoundAdam O'Riley
Sound DesignMike Mende
CostumesJennie Mende

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